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About us

We are a reliable name when it comes to sending flowers, plants, or any gift items to addresses within Gurgaon or other parts of India. We have always maintained our reputation as a reliable cake and flower delivery agent to different parts of India. And yes, till date we have never failed an assignment. We have 100% success rate in delivering the gifts right in time. We offer 24/7 order and shipping services.

We take the initiative to deliver the flowers and cakes, and other gift items to the client’s proposed address within the proposed timeline. We deliver cakes, flowers, and gift items for different ceremonies and events. We have a competitive price chart to consider. For bulk delivery and purchase, we have special rates for the clients. We offer good discounts on bulk items.

There are special customized gift packages available too. Visit our online portal to pick with confidence. We would assure the best of quality while ensuring that the items will reach the proposed address right on time.